Imam Hussain’s [AS] sermon on the ninth of Moharram

Roza Imam Hussain 2
Imam Hussein [AS] gathered all of his followers and gave a sermon on 9th Moharram. He praised God and then said: “I praise God that he has given us the Prophet [PBUH] and he has taught us the Qura’an and religion. He has given us ears and eyes, hearts and he has not made us idol-worshipers. Indeed, I don’t know any followers better than my followers nor any family better than my family. May God reward you all. Indeed my grandfather has told me that I will be killed in Iraq Karbala and tomorrow will be the decisive day with these people. I have allowed you all to leave me alone and go on your own. During this night anyone can take his horse and camels and leave. I am the one wanted and when they get me they will not go after anyone else”.

After his sermon everyone called out we will never leave you we don’t want to live after you are gone and we do not want to see that day. This night was the worst night for the people of the House of the Prophet. Women and children cried, the children screamed for water and everyone was getting ready for the morning.

All the followers started devoting themselves to prayer and the Imam Hussein was repeatedly reading:
“And let not who disbelieve think that whatever we increase for them is the best for them. Indeed, we increase it for them so they increase in sin. And they have humiliating punishment.”

Then Imam Hussein recited a poem:
“O life how many friends you have in the morning,
That you leave in the evening.
Some are dead, some are alone, and no one is replaced.
Everything is up to God.
Only he remains forever.
When Sayeda Zaynab heard the poem, she cried and said, today my mother and my father and brother died.
The Imam immediately faced her and tried to comfort her, saying, O sister be patient you know that everyone dies and people on earth die, no mortal remains forever. Then he said to his sister, daughters and women in the tents: When I die do not tear your clothes, do nor harm your faces or speak any nonsense”, And he told them to follow Imam Ali al Sajad as their leader.

Just before dawn the Imam started to get sleepy and when he woke up he said “I saw my grandfather in my dream and he said: You are the martyr of this nation and tomorrow you will be with me…..



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