The Event of Mubahila

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The Event of Mubahila

On the 24th of Zilhaj 9 A.H., the Holy Prophet (S) came out for Mubahila. He held Imam Husain (A) in his arms and he held Imam Hasan (A) by his hand. Bibi Fatimah (A) came behind him, while behind her came Imam Ali (A). The Holy Prophet (S) said to them, “when I pray you should say Ameen.”

In the early days of Islam, Najran was a large centre of people who had changed from idol worship to Christianity. The Holy Prophet (S) had sent letters to the heads of different countries inviting them to Islam. One such letter was addressed to the Christians of Najran. It read as follows:

“In the Name of the God of Ibrahim, Ishaaq and Ya’qub.
This letter is from Muhammad, the Prophet and Messenger of Allah to the Asqaf (Bishop) of Najran.
Praise be to the God of Ibrahim, Ishaaq…

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The Ghadeer Declaration – A Declaration Of Imam Ali’s Spiritual Sovereignty

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The Ghadeer Declaration – The Declaration Of Imam Ali’s [KW] Spiritual Sovereignty

By Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri

On 18th Zil haj, the Prophet [PBUH] stayed at Ghadir Khum after his return from Hajjat-ul-Wada to Madina and surrounded by his companions, he declared while raising the hand of Ali al-Murtaza: “One who has me as his master, has Ali as his master.”

This was the declaration of Ali’s [AS] spiritual sovereignty.

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امامِ زین العابدین علیہ السلام کی شان میں معروف عربی شاعر فرزدقؒ کا قصیدہء میمیہ

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امامِ سجاد سید الساجدین حضرت زین العابدین علیہ السلام کی شان میں معروف عربی شاعر فرزدقؒ کا قصیدہء میمیہ

شاعر فرزدق نے جو قصیدہ امام زین العابدین ع کی شان میں حرم مکی میں پڑھا تھا ، اس کو کویت کے عالم ، قاری قرآن اور مبلغ شیخ مشاری راشد العناسی نے اپنی خوبصورت آواز میں پڑھا ہے۔

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شبِ عاشور امام عالی مقام حضرت حسین علیہ السلام کا اپنے احباب سے خطاب اور ان کے جوابات

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شبِ عاشور یعنی 09 اور 10 محرم الحرام کی درمیانی رات حضرت امام عالی مقام حضرت امام حسین علیہ السلام کا اپنے احباب سے خطاب اور ان کے جوابات

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Martyrdom Day of Imam Hussain

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Martyrdom Day of Imam Hussain

By Dr Maqsood Jafri 

The Martyrdom Day of Imam Hussain is observed world over on 10th Muharram. In my books “The Testament of Truth” and “Moderate Meditations”, I have thrown ample light in some chapters on the mission of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. I will very briefly write on this very sensitive matter to enlighten the younger educated rational generation.

The sectarian minded and fanatic retrogressive people have marred the real spirit and mission of this great sacrifice. Particularly, the paid agents of the Arab monarchs have distorted the facts to save their monarchies. When Amir Mu’awiya was ill and knew that his death is near, he visited Medina and asked some companions of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) to accept his son Yazid as his successor. He also visited the wife of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), Hazrat Aisha…

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